Sunday, November 6, 2011

My Struggle With The Bible

In life many people struggle with many things. I am one of those people. Out of all the things I struggle with I have chosen one to share with you and that is why I have started this blog. First let me start with saying, I suck at writing. So bear with me.
My struggle over the past few years has been the Bible. I have started reading the Bible countless times. So many times in fact that I SHOULD know Genesis by heart, but I don't. The last time I began reading I managed to read Exodus AND Leviticus....then I got to Numbers, followed by video games (which is not a book in the Bible).
I have decided to begin my reading now with The New Testament. In doing so I plan to write about what I have read and hope you as the reader will give your input as well. This I hope will get me on track to do something that I want to the Word of God.

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